Anti-Aging Meso Injection - Rejuvenation

PLUS PLUS CLINIC offers an Meso-injection of multi-vitamins (e.g. aqua sodium hyaluronate, vitamin c, glutathione (natural antioxidant) etc) just under the skin, aiding in preventing fine lines and wrinkles while ensuring elasticity and firmness.


Anaesthetic cream is applied on the facial area for 20 minutes and multiple injections using electronic Meso gun to minimise discomfort. Slight swelling and bruising can appear, but will disappear fast and no downtime is involved.

Price Range: $300

Fat Reducing Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is a technique which claims to reduce fat and cellulite by injecting various substances directly into the fat layer of the body. The procedure itself is fairly straight-forward. A special formulation of vitamins, minerals and medications is injected directly into the layer of fat located just beneath the skin. Once injected, fat cells break down to the point where they can be flushed out through the bowels and kidneys. In the case of treating cellulite, the injection serves to weaken the connective bands of tissue which pin fat down, reducing dimpling and resulting in a smoother appearance. Some side effects to mesotherapy may include bruising, heightened sensitivity, swelling, redness and burning. These side effects are due to the injections needed to penetrate the cocktail of vitamins, minerals and medications into the skin.
Patient compliance is an issue in mesotherapy. Often patients find the procedure to be quite painful, and will not return for the full complement of 10 or more treatments.
This does decrease the status of mesotherapy, with patients not seeing results because of their low compliance rates.

Anti Wrinkle

Muscle relaxing peptides are used to improve fine lines.

Price $150-$300

V-Line Treatment

Muscle relaxing peptides are mixed with v line solution which contains natural ingredients helping to reduce both the fat and the muscle tissue thickness. In some cases ultrasound treatment will be included in the treatment.

Price Approx. $400

Rejuran Healer (Polynucleootide) Meso-Injection

Rejuran is a gel formation of polynucleotide. It is created using salmon sperm DNA fragments, molecules that are free of side-effects and have been proven to induce long-term tissue regeneration from within the deep dermis.
As the new concept of skin healing filler using Polynucleotide (PN) which is a tissue regeneration material, Rejuran Healer helps skin maintain healthy and beautiful by improving the physiological condition of damaged inner skin.
Rejuran is referred to as a “Healer” rather than regular filler, it gradually improve the general biological condition of damaged skin as well as regenerate new cells to keep your skin young and healthy. This is something that other fillers cannot do. This injection is recommended as an anti-aging and the result is comparable with placenta & stem cell.

Price: $600

Plus Plus Clinic offers decontracturant solution mesotherapy treatments for frown and eye lines. It works like Botox by blocking muscle contraction but works in a different way. It does not contain Botulinum toxin. It contains argireline which prevents neurotransmitters from being released so helping to block muscle contraction. Decontracturant solution mesotherapy is one of the best alternative and natural way to improve fine lines.
Plus Plus Clinic aims to provide treatments that are natural and non-toxic. We provide different types of mesotherapy (Injection) treatments that are also alternative to Botox or Dermal Filler.